These apps went live again after getting removed just a day or so ago. The same application got removed a day later for the same "Contact List" reason.

Another interesting case being that, we had to take LegalDhoom offline for maintenance reasons overnight, and brought it back the following morning. Within that time span, two of our applications got removed as the "Privacy Policy", which is available through the LegalDhoom site, became unavailable.

However, there are applications such as these ones, which appears to not meet the policy guidelines set forth by the same unit, and still they are intact after a year.

Complete story of this one available over here,

Furthermore, prior to adding payment feature to our applications, this same third-party store had requested for information such as company details etc to be presented prior to approval. If that were the case, as the above-mentioned app includes in-app purchases, it should have gone through the same scrutiny as we had to go through before. If that were the case, this application provider should have provided company details and/or developer details to this platform provider prior to this application going live. Does it mean that this platform knows the identity and the location of this app provider?

Coming to another example involving the use of terms connected to Covid, and the policy outlined in this third-party Play Store. Please see below for details.

As mentioned in the above link (please also see images provided below), just the mention of Covid-19 once in the description section led to the removal of our application. Whereas, here (as mentioned above) are applications named on omicron without any connection to Covid or OMicron that were added recently without any issues.

Here is the section of policy that was pointed out to us way back in 2020 as the reason for removing one of our applications for including the sentence, "In this day and age of Covid-19".

However, there are applications named after Omicron/Covid that have gone live without any issues.



Is our company keeping this group employed?

Are they focusing too much on us? 

Please share your thoughts.