As before, this application was removed from the Play Store without prior notice. The reason cited being that this application does not fit in the "Family Policy" requirements for the reason that this application include ads. Please see below.

As soon as we received this removal notification, we have taken necessary action to remove our app from the "Designed for Families" category and resubmitted for review, though we don't agree with this action for the reason that we are not placing ads in our application. Instead, we are utilizing this application as a single place of access for all of our other applications connecting more than 100+ applications all at one place, which is clearly stated in the description section, and also in the policy page. In this way, those users who are seeking privacy, integrity, dignity, sovereignty, & honesty focused diverse collection of apps all accessible at one location could do so through this application.

In addition, this is not the first time that we are going through this unusual filtering process. Even prior to this particular application going live, we had to repeatedly present clarification on why this app should be accepted, where we had to address the same issue that is being pointed out now by providing factual explanation through relevant evidential details. Please see below.

Again, our app's update has been removed. Unlike before when it was cited for not meeting, "Family Policy" requirements, now it got cited for "Deceptive Ads". What really is surprising is that this application has been in this form since late 2020, and suddenly we are being cited for these reasons to justify their removal action.

We have submitted an appeal presenting explanation in this regard as can be seen below.

Complete textual content of this section can be seen here:

"Hello,Your action seems random and lacks consistency. This app went through all kinds of scrutiny prior to going live in 2020. We did not make that many changes to the core of the app since then. Suddenly, the app got removed citing that this app did not meet the Family Policy. Upon opting out of that category, now the app is cited for "Deceptive Ads". Please go through your historical data, and see what we had gone through prior to this app going live. We made changes to the app even then. We doubt that we are deceptive in anyway. Moreover, every app has a detailed description section and policy page. Unlike some other apps that you guys have allowed in the play store, where neither the policy info nor the website matched, we have followed all the guidelines as much as possible. We have also outlined our experience here in this link that was shared before."

Here is an example of an app that can't be any more deceptive, and it got approved in 2021 without any issues. Even after sharing that we have a trademark in this name, and shared our concern with the concerned party at Google, no action was taken. Instead, we were asked to contact this developer directly. It makes us wonder whether these recent actions might have connection to us bringing up these concerns earlier. 

Updated on Feb 27, 2022:

Today another app of ours that went through scrutiny before (HeavenO Video Chat App) and was updated to meet the "Contact List" requirements just a month or two ago got removed. Prior to it, a while ago, there was another instance when another application of ours got removed for just a mention of "Covid-19" once in the description section. Whereas, the same policy management system approved an app itself with the name, "Omicron" in it on November of 2021 without any connection to Omicron. We have also included a list of applications with Omicron in it (see below) that are available through the play store, which is no way connected to Covid, and is not offered by a government agency. However, as per this third-party store's policy website, this is what is mentioned.


We are tired of these random actions and decided to share this particular application of ours over here. Please download using this link,


How to download this application?

As this application is not going to be installed through the Play Store, you need to go through additional steps prior to installation. We can assure you that this app includes no ads or trackers. The only purpose of this app is to have a quick access to all of our applications that are available in a third-party store. We will also be expanding our Amazebaba platform on this front soon through our new offering, Giggle Hub.

Steps Involved:

1. Upon clicking the above link,  you will see an option to request access

2. Upon clicking that option, your request to access this application would be sent to us

3. Upon approval from our end, you can download the application

4. Usually, most of the android devices, if not all, come with a package installer, which needs to be used to install this app

5. When package installer is selected, your device will throw a warning asking whether to download the app from unknown sources. Once you give permission in the "Settings" section, you will be able to download and install the app

6. After installation, you can use this app just like any other app

Updated on March 1st, 2022

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