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In the past, we had brought up the concern on privacy and technology in the 21st world, where we pointed out that it might be difficult for Einstein, Ramanujan, Benjamin Franklin to come out of their shells, while half-baked cooks, largely crooks stealing the thunder by stealing right while Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and Ramanujan formulating their ideas in their houses. What is the meaning of this?

Here are a couple of scenarios:

Scenario 1: Letters from USPS right the next day, which appeared to be connected to the phone conversation

Scenario 2: Letter received from the local representative that was connected to a private email sent the previous day

As we had signed up for Informed Delivery, we have reached out to the USPS in this regard to get clarity on the extent of tracking that might be happening through this government entity. Looking forward to hearing from them. We also shared this information with ICJ and ICC, though we are certain that they should be knowing about the level of surveillance that is happening in various countries.

From our end, we asked the questions on what are the possible outlets for getting this info, and who could be likely feeding this info:

a. Tracking set in the device during the building process or later

b. ISP - there have been cases of packet thefts and MITM (Man-In-The-Middle) attacks by ISP under false pretexts or under the name of targeted product offerings. 

By the way, we believe in fairness and equality. It is not fair to say "Man-In-The-Middle" attacks. In this day and age, all genders have the ability to become tech-savvy. Moreover, even droid and machines/bots could be used for this purpose. For that reason, we would like to rename this as Human-Machine-In-The-Middle attacks (MHITM).

(This particular example on Woman being in the middle added on Sept, 10, 2022)

Connected to this topic, lately we are seeing this on a regular basis. Not sure why our connection is getting interrupted and where it is getting interrupted.

c. Phone or Device manufacturer

d. Any other relevant hardware unit having a tracker

e. Any tracker set in the house without our knowledge

f. Email provider

g. Above all, excessive power among pseudo monopolies with reach everywhere, though the economic and business law prevents such monopolies taking over every industry through inflated valuation and excessive access to debt.

h. Bad elements hired in any connected entity in this ecosystem, Unscrupulous Power mongers and/or Blackhat hackers

i. Most important of all, questionable government practices under the pretext of safety and security directing the focus on wrong objectives, while letting other uncalled for events occur repeatedly

k. To add further complexity, when these entities have call centers outsourced to third-parties that are spread around the world where rule of law might not be the same, it further adds another avenue for loss of personally identifiable information and more. It also offers an indirect way for these companies to extract all kinds of info under the pretext of transfer of risk to these third-party entities.

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