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What this article captures is the ability of IoT to bring down the gap of separation between any two individuals. What do I mean by that?


Example 1: 
An individual who might be considered influential, could get a direct email from the ruling party or from the embassy official from another country where this individual has connections through birth right before the elections to get all kinds of support. This communication channel would stop completely after the elections get over.

Example 2: 
Let us say an individual tries to register a company in another country with the system in place that requires the utilization of the third-party professional services company. This professional services company also happens to be in the state controlled by the leading leader of the country, who goes hand-in-hand with another presidential candidate in another country where this director is based at. Then, what could happen is that what is a streamlined company registration process that should have taken a couple of weeks to complete, would turn out to be a months long affair with claims that the national registration system's database entry of the submitting director's ID not matching with the issued ID card and so on and so forth causing all kinds of hindrances in the process. We can make this example a bit funny by adding an interesting information that this example happens in a country that is considered to be the capital of Information Technology around the world.

Example 3: 
Let us say a growing company develops an app and named it as iMessenger, and then another company which supposedly got a trademark for a name that also started with an "I" that too only in one specific country, when rest of the legal world considers that mark as a common name (because of the inclusion of the word after the first letter, "I", sounding like a common word), this company will go to all extent with the support of a leading, branded investor and even the government for the reason that this company is a major brand name and historical powerhouse using the ability of IoT to track every move right from the home to prevent every action of the other company. 

Example 4:
What happens when we combine Examples 1, 2, 3 together in this example. How is that possible? Let us say that the powerhouse mentioned in the third example is run by a CEO who is connected to the same party as one of the presidential candidates, let us say, the incumbent president, and this CEO's words and funding could go a long way not only during the presidential elections, but also while being in the presidential role, along with the other two above-mentioned examples put together, can you share what could happen? Would there be a connection between the three examples mentioned above?

We will share some more examples or scenarios when IoT could be misused. Also, as with any technology or tool, this technology is also a double-edged sword and provides various avenues and scope for improving the lives of the people around the world. We will also provide examples when IoT would be a great tool to have.