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PhotoPort 2.0

  • This app was developed completely in-house
  • This app offers a simple and quick way to generate and edit photos
  • This app was developed keeping everyone in mind
Short Description
 As shared for our "Around the world photo sizes" application, we are building an ecosystem of application in the photo editing and management ecosystem. This is the second one in this series.




Detailed Description
 What can this application do?
This is the second one in this series revolving around passport and other size-dependent photo creation right through an app. The first one in this series happens to be named, "Around the world passport photo sizes", which offers a quick way to find the photo requirements for a specific document from a comprehensive global list. Why did we create this one? As mentioned before in the description section of the above-mentioned app, we noticed that though there were apps out there that offered the ability to create passport sized photos, our experience suggested to us that this product space could be enhanced to meet the global requirements. Moreover, we were keen to develop a more comprehensive photo creator for this purpose. We had this application in place for a while now, and now, we are releasing to a wider audience. Please note that this application need not be confined to just creating passport photos, and can be used for other image editing purposes as well. What does this application offer? An interactive photo and image application that offers the following: 1. Ability to select an image of interest from your device or take a picture using the camera feature, which becomes readily available on the app 2. You can set the size of the image in alignment with any photo requirements, either in inches or cms 3. Ability to move and zoom in/out the selected/taken image with a click of a button 4. Ability to switch back and forth between black and white and color again on clicking a button 5. The user also have the ability to crop the image to the size of choice from a good collection of cropping options 6. Ability to create a rounded image 7. Ability to rotate the image 8. Ability to save the image alone or the image with the background; Printouts of images with the full background will be in alignment with passport size photos upon slicing the section of the photo from the rest of the paper. 9. Ability to share the created image through other applications 10. Being conscious of privacy, we have made certain that the saved images are saved within the application folder itself. How does the sizing part work? Step 1: Click the button with "S" on it, which will result in a pop-up window asking the user to select between cms and inches. Please note that this app is kid's friendly, and the inches/cms here strictly pertains to the size of the photo to be taken or already taken Step 2: After selection, enter the size requirements accordingly in the two blocks right adjacent to the button "S" Step 3: Press the button next to these buttons to configure the size of the photo Disclaimer: Please note that we have tried our best to offer a relevant and useful application for the stated purpose. However, we can't give assurance about the acceptance of the photos created through our app. We tested and measured the size of the photos created again and again, and we believe that the photo created appears to align with the expected size measurements. However, we can't control the actions of other involved parties pertaining to approval of document-related photos. For that reason, please confirm whether the created photos are in alignment with the requirements to be met from your end prior to submission. As you would agree, if the photos were to be accepted, it would offer immediate savings right away on both time and money front.
Also, the printer set up and inbuilt printer software could play a vital role at the time of printing.

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