GodVille ecosystem presenting EarthEagle's SearchGiggle Add-On on Mozilla Firefox & More: Product Info

We have released a new add-on, which offers a simple way to search a highlighted text from any website using our SearchGiggle search engine. 

How does it work?
You can find our add-on over at the link provided below,
Upon installation, whenever the user highlights a text from any visited website provided it is possible, followed by right-clicking on it, the user would see the option, "Search in searchgiggle.com". 

When this option is clicked, the highlighted text would be searched on the world wide web using the searchgiggle.com website, and a new page will open with the search results as shown below. 


This add-on does not collect any personal information.

By the way, we would also like to add the good news that SearchGiggle.com can be selected as a default search engine on different browsers such as, Firefox and Chrome.

Firefox steps:

1. Open SearchGiggle.com

2. Click on the three dotted lines on the address bar, and the following option would show up

3. Select "Add Search Engine", and from now on, SearchGiggle will also be one of the search engine options for you

4. Right-clicking a highlighted text would allow the user to search using SG as shown below, if it is made the default search engine


Chrome steps:

1. Go to Settings

2. Search for Search Engine, and after opening SearchGiggle, it should also show up as an option