As presented in our Privacy Policy, this app was developed part of our Plato Clock series after repeated media articles about schools considering replacing digital clocks for analog(ue) clocks as the students were showing some difficulty reading analog(ue) clocks, especially during examination times, causing anxiety. 

Going with our belief that the most optimal solution is to offer ways for students to enhance this capability rather than finding an escapist attitude of replacing the clocks, we built a series of learning applications that combined hands-on drawing with music, digital and analog(ue) clocks, while also extracting our team's years of know-how in different aspects of programming skills to bring different coding techniques into these apps. One of the applications happen to be this application that offered a quick way to learn reading analog(ue) clock and then comparing the answer with the digital time results on a click of a button. 

Considering questions about the global scale of this app, we decided to keep it in circulation among a smaller group for several years now and then, after getting the app ready to meet the latest Android developments, we also took this app live on the Google Play Platform recently. As with our other apps, we did not believe that this app had any issue to reach a wider audience group and should go live soon after we released the app to the market. However, we got an email from the Google Play Store team to re-categorize this app catering to certain demographics. 


 As a follow up to this email, we offered relevant reasoning supporting the basis for selecting the original target groups. Still, the team did not agree to it. Then, we produced sufficient additional evidence by sharing our privacy policy link that showed all the media articles supporting our claim. Finally, this app got approved and has gone live now. 

Link: https://www.legaldhoom.com/2020/11/privacy-policy-adc-analog-digital-clock.html

Before and After  Approval Pictures

                                      AFTER                  BEFORE

Though we certainly are happy that the Google Play Store team agreed upon to the facts presented by us, we still wonder whether this kind of screening of our apps was warranted for, when we hear all kinds of news about all kinds of malware based apps taken out of different platforms not limited to this platform again and again, while we are being scrutinized extensively for what we believe being trivial things.

As part of our transparency policy as and when possible and necessary, we are sharing this information to the market to give an update on this app.