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  • This app was developed completely in-house
  • This app offers a way to manage and track the level of personal hydration on a daily basis
  • This app was developed to address all kinds of myths out there about drinking water
Short Description 
An app on the importance of drinking water with an alarm reminder system.

Detailed Description
An app on the importance of drinking water at regular intervals with an alarm reminder system in place. This app is the second one in this WaterWise series, and was developed by our I&I and Health-O-Health units, which forms part of VAL-U-PRO CONSULTING GROUP, LLC in collaboration with our AmazeBaba & its Affiliates limited.

A straightforward and proactive app to remind us to drink water at regular intervals, along with a couple of interesting facts regarding drinking water on a daily basis. The objective of this app is to share info that is simple to use and understand pertaining to health.

More Details:
Though there is general notion on water being a vital ingredient in our body, there are all kinds of myths about drinking water. For that reason, we are working on expanding our Water Wise series on different aspects of drinking water.

To elaborate further, we generally hear that more water is good for health. However, as with every chemical, water being a chemical,  even too much of water can impact us going with the ancient worldly saying, "Dose determines Poison" or our own version, "Alavukku meerinaal Paayasamum Poison aagalaam", which means too much of even divine nectar could impact our health. To further clarify on this point, swimming without knowing to swim in a pool of water could drown us.

History for US about the impact of drinking too much water:
Along these lines, there is an interesting real sad story of a Californian woman by name, Jennifer Strange, who participated in a radio station's drinking-water contest named  "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" (Nintendo game console), and after gulping over six liters of water in a three hour period, this woman died from "water-intoxication".

Why do we need to drink sufficient amount of water?
a. Moderates our body temperature to be in the normal range
b. Acts as a flush system to clear our body from waste material
c. Helps to lubricate and cushion joints
d. Protects sensitive tissues
e. Prevents dehydration, which if not controlled could result in kidney stones and more

How do we determine daily water intake level?
We have captured literature that has given a general rule of thumb on the amount of water to drink daily based on body weight.

What can this app do?
1. Offers general guidelines on how much water to drink based on body weight
2. Set a timer to manage the frequency of drinking water


Please note that this is a general guidelines to start with. There are lots of intricate aspects about drinking water based on environmental factors and personal lifestyle. Moreover, there are aspects of chemistry, physiology, biology, anatomy and more that needs to be considered while keeping ourselves hydrated.

However, this application would be a good starting point for everyone. Please discuss with your own physician on this topic, if necessary and also do your own further research to improve your understanding. We also plan to expand this WaterWise series over time, which might also offer more information on this topic.

Motto of our Mission (MooM):
Building an ecosystem of,
"Theory & Practice of Everything"

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