Google Play Store team raised an IARC rating compliance issue for this application as there happens to be a bottle in the application.  As per their email, the inclusion of a bottle in the app required us to answer "Yes" to questions pertaining to alcohol in the questionnaire. While we were exchanging emails in this regard with the Google Play team, we also reached out to IARC in this regard and presented all necessary facts (Communication stream can be seen below). 

Based on the details that we provided, IARC mentioned that, " We would not consider a bottle labelled "bottle" to be a reference to alcohol". We have forwarded this communication to Google Play to confirm that we were in compliance with the accepted rules set forth by IARC.

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Hello! We would not consider a bottle labelled “bottle” to be a reference to alcohol. Please feel free to forward this chain to the storefront team if you believe it will help with the situation you are currently facing.



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IARC related question



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Good Afternoon Sir/Madam:

We have an application released on Google Play Store for which we need some clarification to recategorize our application under the most appropriate IARC rating. This app revolves around Spin the bottle game.

As per Google Play support team, as the bottle picture has some resemblance to alcohol/wine bottles, we need to categorize our application accordingly. We would like to follow the accepted rules in this regard, and request further clarification to get the most appropriate rating for this application.

Note: Though there is a bottle spinning in the game, the bottle picture does not include any brand name to suggest an alcohol bottle, and just says bottle on it.

I look forward to your clarification on the appropriate way to address this scenario to get the correct IARC ratings.

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