To The UN & The ICJ

This letter is to share our concerns that all these IoT and other supposedly technological advances are creeping into our privacy, while we are seeing unprecedented, global scale health pandemics in spite of the supposedly marked progress in technologies since the outbreak of the last major global scale pandemic in 1918.

We believe that these privacy issues and the spread of pandemics on a global scale are largely due to ineffective and greedy "as###, bit###, and bas###" controlling countries, continents (sorry for my language - but these words are in the dictionary for a reason; utilizing the right choice of words forms part of effective communication, and no other word would fit this section better than these three words - this implies to only those countries/companies/organizations led or recently led by such individuals and not all of them), companies and more over the years since the last world war are causing haywire or could cause haywire into one's privacy and livelihood. When this kind of activities starts happening in countries, which should supposedly set an example for others, then we could sense that the system is becoming wackier and wackier. 

As mentioned in our founder's article, Blue Ocean, Red Ocean or a Desert with one tall building, technology is supposed to offer avenues for those with talent to strive forward. However, it appears to give those with resources and arsenal to prosper further, independent of party affiliations. Further, as added in the same article, the current environment is leading Einsteins'/Ramanujans' or is in the process of leading them to spend all the time at home, whereas "as####" running the country/corporations/large organizations can steal right from these talented individuals' homes. This is equivalent to brain draining, not in simple terms, but more like a giant spider feeding on human brains. 

Conceptualizing, and working towards ideas is one of the most energy-consuming human activities as brains take up to 20% of oxygen and close to 25% of glucose metabolism, whereas shares only around 2% of the body weight. This aspect never gets its proper due as the nature of activity in the brain is not explicitly visible compared to someone working hard physically. Stealing those abilities right by wiretapping and through other means is draining godly human quality to dream, come up with new ideas and work towards them. When a talented individual get this sense that hard work mixed with smart work is anyway going to be stolen, it will give the notion to this individual that there is no incentive to work towards them any more, which supposedly appears to be the motive of those with power - either give away those ideas for free or prevent that person from working towards those ideas.

Moreover, just like in the movies, these privacy creeping technologies combined with a malicious ecosystem of corrupt politicians, cronyism and money driven educational institutions, greedy industrialists/corporate, questionable labor and religious entities, and most importantly, unaccountable financial institutions join together, the system goes awry, which we are already seeing. This combo of ecosystem can target individuals or an organization more easily with the advent of technologies seen now and can alienate them against everyone including their own close-knit family members as shown in some movies. If UN needs to have any value in this 21st century, please take actions right now rather than bogged down by your own cronyism and nepotism. It also makes me wonder whether we need a competitive global organization to compete with the UN. Maybe, we need to start the World of Nations, another fully functional global body, which really works for everyone. What do you think?

We are presenting this article as we are getting a sense that things are going out of control too much, too fast and action needs to be taken soon.