Plato Clock: A fun learning App

  • Our organization neither collects any personally identifiable information nor stores those information
  • This app was developed completely in-house
  • This app offers, what we believe, a simple and hands-on way to learn reading analog clocks
  • This app was developed keeping younger, curious minds
Our 5K Academy unit within VAL-U-PRO CONSULTING GROUP/ AMAZEBABA & ITS AFFILIATES is introducing Plato Clock app to offer a simple, but hands-on way to learn reading analog clock, while also having fun in the process. This app was developed at least a couple of years ago, which we were utilizing within a smaller ecosystem. Now, we believe that this app could reach a wider audience, and for that reason we have decided to release both over here, and also on our own Play Store.

Why did we create this app?
We are always keen to develop a hands-on-approach to learning. What better way to start this learning process rather than to offer a simple application for younger minds. This app was developed with that in mind. 
Moreover, there were articles out there that suggested a change in mindset towards reading digital clocks over analog clocks even among teens. As presented in these articles, and, it appeared that even schools were considering replacing analog clocks with digital clocks. Though change in inevitable, there are certain things, though might appear trivial, need not be changed to keep our brains and minds active. We believe that this is one simple thing that need not be changed in schools.

What can this app do?
We have included hands-on drawing feature with different coloring capabilities to test out different times right on a clock. Moreover, we have included different examples, with answers that will pop-out. In addition, we also have included another question sheet to further enhance understanding in reading clocks. Further, to keep the kids engaged, we have included the Hickory Dickory rhyme tune part of the app.

Why did we name this app, Plato Clock?
There is an interesting story of Plato building an alarm clock on his own as a way to assist his students to come to class on time. This alarm clock was supposedly created in and around 4th century B.C.

Along the lines of that story, we created this app. We believe that education should not have an escapist attitude. Instead, right education should be about spicing up learning for the students to enjoy and remember things for a longer time.
Motto of our Mission (MooM):
Building an ecosystem of,
"Theory & Practice of Everything"
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