The name that we coined Legal Dhoom, which is one of our subsidiary units that is part of our AAAA(A) Mega Ecosystem, was not created to confuse anyone or any organization. For that matter, wherever we could, we concurrently present the name of our organization/subsidiary unit with our organization's logo to identify and differentiate our brand from the rest. 

In the case of Legal Dhoom, we selected this name to keep it simple, and also to blend east and west into one name that the masses could relate to. 

In this day and age of digital world, visitors can easily differentiate between this website and another website that rhymes similar to ours. For that matter, any organization that might have a similar rhyming name and which was there in the marketplace longer have established a brand name for themselves. For that reason, it will be a challenge for us to compete just based on the name. What we try to offer is quality, reality with real case examples and if the reader likes it, then they will come to our website. The content presented here is original and includes thorough analysis based on extensive research efforts.

We will touch upon two examples, which we already shared in one of our subsidiary units site:

a. the name MacIntosh and 
b.the interesting case revolving around web scraping.

Image Credit: Photo by Claire Anderson on Unsplash