What is the big deal?

Here are some issues coming out from such cases of lost or delayed letters:
  • For example, someone might have missed out on their biennial report notification from SOS and several other important letters. 
  • Letters sent out to non-updated addresses could have taken several months or more to be returned for the sender to know that the address has changed.
  • Important payment information could have been missed or delayed, if those letters were really sent out.
In the world of connections and big data, what else could be resulting in such delays and lost mail issues?
  • Improper compensation and mismanagement of finances leading to employees' frustrations and lack of respect for the organization
  • Lack of training combined with poor hiring practices
  • Senior Management not ready for change
  • Politically connected individuals with a potential monopoly in the market place combined with data personalization at an individual level could control such delivery of letters or other information space either to justify certain business and political decisions or to control the marketplace
Are there such cases in other parts of the world too?

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How to address this issue in this 21st-century world?

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