Google Play Store New Policy Guidelines and changes out of the blue,and our questions pertaining to these changes.

Google Play Store New Policy Guidelines and changes out of the blue, and our questions pertaining to these changes. Please see the below post.

We will be sharing a couple of recent hardships that our organization went through, and how we handled those situations that came out suddenly, and out of not so well planned policy changes by the other party, along with the questionable due process.

Why are we planning to share this information?
We believe in maintaining good terms with our customers and consumers. It is our ethical responsibility to let our current and potential customers/consumers know of our organizational agility to address such challenges caused by external forces for different reasons.

Though we are a private organization, we believe that it is of uttermost importance for us to be transparent to our users, consumers and customers (current and prospective).

Why are we not sharing it yet?
We are working on a proper mode and method of sharing, which has a due process and will take some time.


Today we got a play store policy update email from Google all of sudden. One of the areas captured in the new policy pertained to restricting ads based apps.

Here are some questions that we would like to ask in this regard:

1⃣ What would happen to YouTube on the play store, which has ads part of most of the videos?

For that matter, most of the social media platforms generate revenue through ads, and by sharing user information as published in the media.

2⃣ What would happen to Facebook, Messenger, and many such apps in that case?

3⃣ When it comes to repetitive content, what is repetitive content?

Pinterest, Instagram, and many such apps are all in a way repetitive apps. Messenger apps out there are also repetitive.

Many products out there in the marketplace, in a way, are derivative next-gen products of the past.

4⃣  If we were to look at the central framework for these apps, Android, that forms the basis for Play store apps, it is part and parcel of devices offered by many organizations - Samsung, Nokia, Google, Amazon and many other companies. Are n't these repetitive? How would that work in that case?

This kind of generalized statement along with lack of specificity provides an opportunity for uncertainty and confusion.