Rule of law should work the same at least on paper and by rules.

Rule of law should work the same at least on paper and by rules. Misusing finance for elections, irrespective of their political affinities, is not acceptable.

The size of misappropriation of finance funding should also come into play, while sentencing someone.

When we look at the big picture, there was an interesting poll in the recent times that showed poll participants disliking the Congress more than Cockroaches.
When many of the politicians in the Congress are professional politicians irrespective of what people and polls think, it make us wonder whether such an event mentioned below was a new happening.

Coming to the topic of finance and banks, when we constantly, and on a regular basis hear reports of banks abusing power, which should follow the core principles of finance and economics, and the banking rule system that could be rigged further by relaxing rules that were in place to limit excessive risks, I am surprised that there is even a consideration of rule of financial law in the first place.

Going to fundamental rules of finance, when countries are not managing their budgets with deficits going in trillions, it is funny at times to see financial laws all of a sudden becoming a major issue.

Does it mean rule of law should not come into play in the below case?
As mentioned, rule of law is important. But, it should not be selective, and we also need to understand the entire system that is in place right now, which results in these happenings.

For that matter, there were reports of this President and/or previous President having powers unseen before (could be a fake news), but this goes against the main theme of constitutional law, and "we the people" slogan outlined by the founding members of this country.

Originally shared by Pradheep Shanker

Trump to pardon Dinesh D'Souza.

I have issues with this, but lets not pretend the D'Souza conviction wasn't politically inspired.