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Couple of aspects to this delicate subject:

1. An erudite atheist, I guess, would have some understanding of probability. Going by the probabilistic argument of pascal' s wager that even if there were to be a miniscule level of truth about the presence of supreme power or god, and this belief is going to enhance our life, then what is wrong in that belief.

When it comes to which God, as stated earlier (http://srikanthkidambi.com), in my case, I was born to parents who believed in hinduism, and who provided the best for their children. It worked for them, which gave their children to believe that there is no harm in that belief. At the same time, my parents never spread or enforced religious propaganda on their children or anyone else, and made sure that we get the best of holistic education (practical, experiential and academic) possible for us to become independent thinkers in the future.

2. Coming to capital punishment, if the punishment revolves around the atheist belief, it would be better to provide an opportunity for that person to learn about that religion, which would be a better punishment for that person. The government can also offer programs to identify this person's strength that would allow him to focus on those areas, while bringing the best for the society.

3. In this machine based 21st century, bringing diversity in thoughts would keep country balanced and adaptive to changing environment. Otherwise, that country will be left alone in this fast changing world.

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